Dear customers,

Some of you ask as about websites transfer, therefore we are in position to explain our policy of websites transfer by our clientcare team.
1. Yes, websites transfer is FREE for our customers.
2. Yes, there is no limit for number of websites to transfer, if you have CP DirectAdmin or CPanel installed.
3. Yes, we will do manual websites transfer. And yes, it's free of charge as well.
4. However, there is a kind of restriction for DataBase transfer: Free transfer for 5 DataBase per VDS "Level".
For example, if you are moving to XEN-500 ( we transfer 5 DataBase free of charge.
And if you a moving to XEN-4000 up to 40 DataBase are transferred for free.
5. Yes, we CAN transfer even more DataBase free of charge, if our clientcare team has no burden in a moment. ;)
6. Yes, there is no limit on files transfer - we transfer all of your files for free.
7. Yes, we can transfer your site as it is at your previous hosting, including all requered configuraton changes and setups.
And this is free of charge as well. (request the kind of ultimate transfer from our clientcare team).

Welcome to Dedica!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

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